Is your business at risk of becoming a ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ target?

Gone in 60 Seconds

The turn of the Millennium was a time full of nostalgia for many. Top Gear was in its prime, Ricky Gervais was almost ready to bless our lives with The Office, and there were some timeless movies. In 2000, we had Gladiator, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Battle Royale, Unbreakable, and Remember the Titans. But do you remember Gone in 60 Seconds?

Gone in 60 Seconds

You might remember it for Angelina Jolie, Nic Cage’s cheesy lines, or its gripping plot. A car thief must steal 50 luxury vehicles in one night to save his brother from a crime lord, but there’s another group of thieves with their eye on the same cars. At the time, the methods they used to steal cars in this film were ingenious, shocking, and perhaps bordering on the more unbelievable side of things. Take the light out here, put a screwdriver there, snip the red wire, lift the bonnet, plug something in, followed by sparks and other unexpected moves, but always ending with the sound of a revving engine.

If you’re a car enthusiast, perhaps you understood what was going on. Many ignored their brains saying, “what?”, and enjoyed the entertainment. They made it look so simple. Surely, it can’t be that easy? But, almost 20 years on from the release of that film and it’s not that easy to steal a car anymore – it’s easier.

What is relay theft?

There is a new wave of car crime hitting the streets of the UK. As technology has improved and infiltrated our lives and now our cars, thieves have been taking advantage of it with their own devices. Relay car theft is a growing problem in the UK. In fact, 96% of motorists are at risk of having their car stolen by criminals using this technique.

With relay car theft, a thief doesn’t need to break into your car or your business premises. All they need to do is use a device to pick up a signal from a car’s key fob. Some devices can do this from 100 meters away. They don’t even need to be on your premises. The device sends the key fob’s signal to the car, opening it, allowing the thieves to enter and drive away immediately. These devices cost as little as £100 online and the car really could disappear in as little as 60 seconds. If the gang from the film had this technology, stealing fifty cars in one night wouldn’t have been such a big challenge. They could have stolen more through relay theft just by visiting one car dealership or one business premises where they keep the fleet.

Protect yourself

But, the thieves will not win this war. There are ways you can protect your car from this theft. Some recommend keeping your keys out of sight, installing a tracking device on your vehicle, or adding a wheel clamp to your car. But who has time for that after a busy day at work?

By far the easiest way is to install a Keyless Protector. Slip this device around the battery in your car key fob and it stops thieves being able to use their relay technology on your key and car. It’s as easy as pie.

Don’t give thieves the 60 seconds they need to steal your car and your livelihood. Simply visit our website to get your Keyless Protector today.

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