Car theft protection: what are your options?

Car theft

Car theft has risen by 50% over the last five years, with one vehicle stolen every 5 minutes in the UK. As car theft becomes more common, it’s important car owners are more cautious. Luckily, it doesn’t have to take much time, effort, or money to improve your vehicle’s security and lessen its chances of being stolen.

Steering lock

These are self-explanatory and work by immobilising your vehicle’s steering wheel. If the lock itself wasn’t enough of a deterrent, after getting into your vehicle, a thief wouldn’t be able to turn your steering wheel and drive away.

While these can be effective, it’s an effort to always take the lock on and off. If you’re going into your house for five minutes to grab something, will you want to mess around putting the lock on and off for such a short time? Unless you plan to be really strict with it, a steering lock might not be the best choice.


Car alarms are a classic deterrent. And if your car doesn’t already come with one, you can pay to have one installed.

However, an alarm won’t stop a thief from gaining access to your car. Some risky thieves might continue with a theft even after an alarm has been set off. In the 1990s, it was estimated that 95-99% of car alarm triggers were false alarms. Even today, this is probably accurate. Car alarms aren’t always reliable and passersby won’t often pay them any notice.

Say you’re sitting on your sofa watching TV and hear a car alarm going off. Do you drop everything, run out, and investigate? Or do you sit there and think to yourself ‘that’s so annoying, I wish someone would turn that stupid alarm off’? It’s safe to say most of us would be the latter.


To reduce your vehicle’s risk of being stolen, you can keep extra vigilant by:

  • Checking your vehicle is actually locked before you leave it 
  • Staying alert while at home
  • Not keeping keys out in the open
  • Not leaving your car alone while open and running

But you could be as vigilant as possible and still get caught out. Constantly worrying and remembering to do all these things will be a lot of effort. And bringing no guarantees, vigilance might be better used alongside other methods, rather than on its own.


You could fork out a lot of money for the best insurance policy but your car could still get stolen. Being covered for the costs of the vehicle itself won’t reduce all the worries and stresses surrounding a car theft. Imagine you had something meaningful in the car that was stolen alongside it, or it was a rare vehicle that you’d struggle to find again.

Keyless Protector

In recent times, relay car theft has been the most popular car theft method. That’s where Keyless Protector comes in. 

Unlike other options, Keyless Protector is an inexpensive device you can easily insert into your keyless fob. Once installed, you won’t even have to think about it and can rest assured you’re protected from relay car theft. It protects your car by making it impossible for thieves to interfere and falsely relay a signal to unlock it. Used by itself, it can be incredibly effective, but for extra caution, you could use it alongside any of the above and be even more confident in your protection.

Inexpensive? Check. Easy installation? Check. No further action or thinking required? Check.

Car thefts are so commonplace in our society. You don’t want to take any chances with your vehicle’s protection. Why rely on protection that’s expensive, involves a lot of effort, or is easy to forget?

Keyless Protector inhibits your fob’s signal so it can’t be relayed by a thief. For keyless vehicles, it’s a sure way of preventing theft. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our website here.

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