The impacts of a stolen car on your family

Stolen car

Between school runs, family holidays, and weekend sports games, your family vehicle will do a lot of the heavy lifting. Because of this, you don’t want to take any chances of it getting stolen. Opportunities for thieves have expanded dramatically since the introduction of keyless car systems. And now that keyless entry comes as standard in most vehicles, you’d be surprised by how easy car robbery can be.

Chances are it’s taken you years to get your family life running like a strict military operation. And nothing will bring it back to chaos quite like waking up to a stolen car.


The main impact of a stolen car is its inconvenience. You won’t realise the amount you rely on your vehicle until it stops being there. How will the kids get to school? How will you get to work? Will you have to cancel your upcoming holiday?

While it’s possible to maintain your normal schedule, without a car it becomes increasingly complicated and difficult. You’ll have to figure out alternative ways of getting where you need to go or cancel things until you get a replacement. Your kids won’t be happy about missing the birthday party of the year. But without a car, you might not have a choice.

It’ll get expensive to use alternative transport like trains or taxis. And even if you’re blessed with a second vehicle that wasn’t stolen, going from two vehicles to one won’t be an easy transition.

Depending on your financial situation, or any insurance problems, you might be waiting a few weeks for a replacement to come in. That’s a few weeks too long for your family schedule to fall into disarray.

Loss of items

We all know better, but leaving things in the car still happens. You don’t go about your day planning for it to end with a stolen car. Whether it’s something priceless like a big school project that your kids have worked tirelessly on or something expensive like a sat nav or work laptop, a stolen car might not be the only loss to recover from.

Your insurance might not cover any extra loss on top of the vehicle so you’ll be left with the costs of replacing any further lost items. It gets even more of a hassle if the items are priceless and irreplaceable. At an already stressful time, it all adds up.


Maybe this is the car that’s seen you through some important times in your life and because of this you have a big attachment to it. It might have been used to bring your children home from the hospital, or seen you through some entertaining family road trips. You might be able to replace the car, but you’ll lose the fond memories you have of the old one.

Out of 237 cars that were tested, 99% had some form of security fault relating to keyless car systems. So this is an issue you’re likely to come up against no matter what new car you buy. But why should you sacrifice a vehicle that can keep up with your family’s demands and settle for one that’s mediocre but isn’t keyless? The answer is you shouldn’t.

Luckily, relay car theft protection doesn’t have to be as extreme as chaining yourself to your car or sleeping with one eye open. You can cut off your keyless signal and make the process impossible. It’s a win-win; you get to rest easy and family operations can continue going full steam ahead. Keyless Protector is a simple device you install into your car key fob. Once installed you won’t even think about it and you’ll no longer be at risk for relay car theft.

Keyless Protector is a solution that’s inexpensive and requires minimal installation effort. You’ll depend on your family vehicle a lot and waking up to a stolen car will throw a big spanner in the works. If you have any questions or are interested in a device, get in touch with us today.

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