What are the pros and cons of a keyless car system?

keyless car system

One of the best things technology has brought to our lives is convenience. The amount of things we can do with our phones is amazing. In fact, many of us could survive for the rest of our days without leaving the house if we wanted to, all thanks to technology. While we don’t recommend it, it’s possible. We can order food, work from home, and provide ourselves with endless entertainment, or even a personal trainer over Skype.

Cars have also become more convenient. Bluetooth that connects to our phone as soon as we get in. Parking sensors that tell us when we’re going to bump into something. And a keyless car system means you don’t even have to take your keys out of your pocket. But is this convenience putting us at risk of relay car theft?

The pros of a keyless car system

Most of us have had the experience of having our hands full of shopping, finally reaching the car, only to realise we need to drop everything and fumble around for our keys. Perhaps you’re carrying a sleeping child, or you can’t remember which bag your keys are in. In these circumstances a keyless car system is amazing.

All you need to do is pull on the car’s door handle or press a button on the handle, and if your car key fob is in range, the car signals to the fob and the door will open. Many car owners will walk away from their car at some point or other, stressing about whether they remembered to lock it. A keyless car system removes this issue sometimes, automatically locking the car once the car key fob is out of range.

With a more advanced keyless car system, users can match their car preferences to their car key fob. This might include the car climate and radio presets, and different fobs can have different in-car preferences. Some car key fobs even allow you to set speed limits, particularly useful if you’re looking out for young drivers. But everything has a downside.

The cons of keyless vehicles

More and more cars are being made with keyless locking systems. The Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Qashqai, Vauxhall Corsa, and Ford Focus are the top-selling cars in the UK. The Ford Transit van is the top-selling van. However, the only one of these cars safe from relay car theft is the Corsa because it doesn’t have a keyless car system.

Car manufacturers have sacrificed security in favour of convenience. Thieves are taking advantage of keyless car systems and committing relay car theft. They exploit the signal emitted from the key fob to open and start the car remotely. They don’t need to steal the fob, they just need a piece of technology that allows them to do this from outside your premises. It takes a matter of seconds for them to steal your vehicle.

One incident of keyless car theft happens every six minutes in the UK, with a rise of 56,000 relay car thefts from 2017 to 2018. This method works on almost all keyless cars. But there is a simple way to protect your car from relay theft.

All you need is Keyless Protector. It’s a small device that fits around the battery inside your key fob which stops thieves being able to exploit the signal. It’s that simple and installing one could save you thousands.

With Keyless Protector, you can enjoy all the benefits of a keyless car system without having to worry about a stolen vehicle. To get Keyless Protector, visit our website or get in touch with us today.

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