What are the financial costs of car theft?

Car theft

Relay car theft means that even the most cautious of people could have their vehicles stolen. The process works by intercepting a car key’s wireless signal. The signal is relayed to trick your car into thinking the fob is nearby. In some instances, thieves could get away with your car in less than a minute.

Above all else, having your car stolen is inconvenient and can interrupt the flow of your daily life. But it can also be expensive. Here’s a breakdown of some of the financial costs you might face.


If you’re lucky, your insurance provider will cover the cost of replacing your car. But there’s a good chance there will be an excess you have to contribute. Having to front a few hundred pounds out of the blue will be inconvenient, even more so if you’re not in the strongest financial position.

Because of the increased rate of car theft, even if your car never gets stolen, you’ll unfairly face some of the consequences. Car theft claims are made every six minutes in the UK and insurance payouts are up 22% on last year. Because of this, insurance providers are likely to keep increasing premiums. If they’re having to pay out more every year in claims, they’re going to want to cover their own backs. If you do experience car theft first-hand, your premiums will also likely increase. As unfair as it sounds, if your car gets stolen, you’ll have to take the financial hit.

If for whatever reason your insurance company rejects your claim and won’t pay out, you’ll be left to foot the bill for replacing your vehicle. This can be a massive unexpected expense and could wreak havoc on your personal finances.

Replacing belongings

Along with your car, some personal belongings may have been stolen. Maybe you also need to replace your sat nav, or your high-tech radio. Or you might have had a brief lapse in judgement and left your laptop or another device in the backseat. All these extra costs will add up and can be detrimental to your financial position.

Interim travel

Your insurance claim won’t be settled overnight. You might have to wait up to thirty days to be reimbursed. So if you can’t afford to replace your vehicle upfront, you’re going to have to find alternative means of travel while you wait. Taxis or public transport might be your only way to get to and from work. These unplanned expenses can add up if you have a family and are responsible for maintaining multiple people’s schedules. Being a car down for a few weeks could prove costly.

Car theft doesn’t come with a warning. You don’t get a few months to prepare and save the money you’ll need to recover. You might have to pay an excess, replace expensive belongings, or even worse, have to replace your car altogether. This can be hugely inconvenient and if you’re in a vulnerable financial situation, will be a lot of extra stress and worry.

You can protect yourself from these financial burdens now by removing your risk of relay car theft altogether. Keyless Protector works to secure your keyless car system. It traps the signal to prevent it from being intercepted and manipulated. After a quick installation process, you can be sure you won’t wake up in the morning to unplanned expenses.

Keyless Protector is an inexpensive solution to car theft. It’s never been easier to protect yourself from sudden financial costs and inconvenience. If you have any questions or are interested in a device, get in touch with us today.

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