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Most modern cars will use a key fob that lets drivers open their car door from a distance. It’s an amazingly convenient invention, but it is prone to theft through a relay attack.

Thieves will usually work in pairs. One person will scan the house with an amplifier looking for the key’s signal. They will focus on doors and windows where people are likely to leave keys lying around.

Their device resembles a suitcase. Once they intercept the key’s opening signal, they send it to their partner who can then start the engine. It doesn’t matter where you hide your key – the scanner can find it from eight metres away.

In fact, the device is so strong that it can send the signal to the thief next to the car from up to 800 metres away! It mimics the signal so perfectly the car can’t tell the difference. Once they find the signal, the theft happens in an instant. On average, it only takes six seconds.

All car brands that use a keyless system as susceptible to this type of theft. Since 2012, this system has become popular in not just luxury cars, but many regular cars you see on the street every day. 

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