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keyless car system

What are the pros and cons of a keyless car system?

One of the best things technology has brought to our lives is convenience. The amount of things we can do with our phones is amazing. In fact, many of us could survive for the rest of our days without leaving the house if we wanted to, all thanks to technology. While we don’t recommend it,...

Vehicle theft

How vehicle theft could impact your business

Thanks to relay car theft, it’s never been easier for thieves to steal vehicles. A process which exploits keyless systems, it’s removed a lot of the effort and risk from the thieving process. As a result, around 16,000 vehicle theft claims were made in the first quarter of this year, the highest figure on record....

Stolen car

The impacts of a stolen car on your family

Between school runs, family holidays, and weekend sports games, your family vehicle will do a lot of the heavy lifting. Because of this, you don’t want to take any chances of it getting stolen. Opportunities for thieves have expanded dramatically since the introduction of keyless car systems. And now that keyless entry comes as standard...

Car insurance

How to keep your car insurance costs down

There was a time when car theft wasn’t a common occurrence. It peaked during the 1990s when people had a one-in-five chance of being a victim of car theft in 1993. Before this, thieves would usually steal cars by hot-wiring them – using the wiring in the car’s dashboard to start the engine without a...

Relay theft

Quiz: Is your car a high-priority target for relay theft?

In September 2018, car thefts were up 10% for the year, reaching around 110,000. One reason figures have risen so much is the emergence of relay theft. All it takes is two people, the cloak of darkness (or not if they’re feeling especially confident), and an inexpensive device bought off eBay for your vehicle to...

Protect your home

Simple ways to protect your home from thieves

Modern cars are more computerised than ever. There’s a show on Netflix called Good Girls. In it, the middle-aged-mothers-turned-thieves learn that stealing a Tesla and selling it for parts is more difficult than they first thought because ‘it’s like a giant iPad’. Clearly, they hadn’t heard of relay theft. Most thieves aren’t brazen enough to...