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Keyless Protector is an easy-to-install electronic device designed to secure the key against relay attack car thefts. The key benefits of Keyless Protector include:

  • The active system will automatically protect the key when you leave the vehicle, so you don’t have to remember to activate the security.
  • It clips onto the battery with ease and doesn’t void the warranty on your vehicle. Installation is as simple as replacing the battery.
  • Just double-tapping the key in your pocket or bag deactivates the security and lets you into your car.
  • This is the first such solution in the world. Keyless Protector is protected by national and European patent applications.

Keyless Protector – secure your car!

Keyless Protector has no effect on your battery’s lifespan.


Shipments are delivered within 72 hours from the moment we receive payment.

Orders are delivered via DHL or FedEx couriers.